10 Fun facts about insects

It is not new that insects are much more than humans. But… Did you know that there are approximately two hundred million insects for each person? Discover below some peculiar characteristics about them.

10 Fun Facts about the most common insects during the summer season:

  1. Two cockroaches can give rise to up to a hundred thousand specimens in just one year.
  2. Of the 5 thousand known species of cockroaches, only 1% are considered urban pests.
  3. The maximum time cockroaches can live without water is one week.
  4. The ant is the insect that has the largest brain, if we talk proportionally to the rest of its body.
  5. The most attractive color for mosquitoes is blue.
  6. Approximately 30% of the world’s vegetable production is consumed by insects.
  7. Bees can carry weights three hundred times their own weight.
  8. Insects represent 50% of all living things on the planet and 90% of all animals.
  9. The insect that kills the most people is mosquito. They transmit diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever.
  10. Scientists estimate that there are more than seven million species of insects yet to be catalogued.


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